If you’ve driven by State Farm Stadium in Glendale, you’ve likely seen construction for the “Vai Resort,” expected to be the largest resort in the state. The 60-acre project is set to open next year and feature a music amphitheater and theme park.

Now, Mattel Adventure Park is giving a sneak peek of one of the rides, “Hot Wheels: Bone Shaker.”Good Morning Arizona reporter Gibby Parra stopped by to check out the design for the new ride. Mark Cornell, president of Mattel Adventure Park, explained what guests will experience while riding the coaster. “This coaster will load and go right into an 85-foot crested lift straight through the roof of the building. It will then be a rooftop ride right on the edge and will dip over the size of the roof of Mattel Adventure Park. Finally, in its climax, it will go off the edge into a double helix back into the Mattel Adventure Park,” said Cornell.

Along with the coaster, there will be a Barbie Beach House at the park! Cornell says the Barbie experience will offer Barbie holograms, customizable dolls and a Barbie restaurant and bar. “You can get your pink signature cocktail or mocktail for all ages,” Cornell said. The signature attraction is the Barbie Dream Flight, similar to Disney California’s “Soarin’” ride.

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J.D. Manning
Author: J.D. Manning

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