Monsoon season officially began on June 15th here in Phoenix. We haven’t seen any storms yet, but now is a great time to prepare your home & yard.

Here are 4 tips on what you should be doing to be ready for monsoon storms.

Trim trees & plants

High winds are usually more dangerous than rain during a monsoon storm.

  • Trim overgrown trees. This reduces the chances they are blown over or uprooted
  • Trim trees & plants next to your house. Plants rubbing against your stucco or roof can cause damage over time.
  • Remove any debris from the roof or gutters. This helps rain water drain off your roof & away from your house.

Put away loose items

The wind is no joke, and i’ve had things blown all over my yard & into the neighbor’s yard. Including, seat cushions, pillows & even the furniture was moved around one storm.

  • Put down umbrellas when not in use. When the wind picks up, they turn into sails and can be dangerous if they get moving.
  • Loose items. Check your yard for anything loose that the wind can grab.
  • Window & sun screens. Double check all your window screens and make sure they are secured. I still have one on top of my patio that came off a window last summer 🤣

Inside your house

The storm is outside, but what happens can also affect you inside while avoiding the storm.

  • Power outage. Know where you keep your flashlight, candles & a lighter, so you’re not in the dark waiting for the power to come back on. Be sure you have fresh batteries in your flashlight.
  • Water. Be sure you have extra drinking water available. If the power goes out, it will get warm inside pretty quickly.
  • Windows. Check to make sure all of your windows are completely closed & locked.


Monsoon storms come up quickly and if you are caught away from your home, be sure and stay safe while in the car.

  • Rain. Much of the storm drainage in Phoenix is above ground and roads can quickly fill up with water and be difficult to see. This usually happens along the curb in the right lane of many streets, be sure and move to the inner lanes and avoid standing water.
  • Dust. If you are driving and get caught in a dust storm, the best practice is to get off of the road. If you’re on the highway, pull well off the shoulder & turn off your lights and do not put your foot on the brakes. Cars behind you may see your lights and think you are on the road and could potentially run into you.

Monsoon season can be a welcome change in the weather and relief from the summer heat, but it can also be a time of concern. Be sure to be prepared for anything these storms may bring your way.

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J.D. Manning
Author: J.D. Manning founder and administrator. Arrowhead resident and Realtor, The Arrowhead Agent with eXp Realty