Almost every time I talk to someone not from Arizona, the subject comes up of ‘when are you going to run out of water?’

It seems the national attention Lake Mead received in the past year has created an assumption by outsiders that we are on the brink of running out of water in the immediate near term future.

With all the rain & snow we had this past winter, it leads to the question, is Arizona still in a drought?

It seems the short answer is yes, but things got a lot better.

Is Arizona in a drought or not? A year ago, the U.S. Drought Monitor reported the entire state of Arizona was experiencing dry conditions. Now, the report shows only about 18% of the state is in a drought. But experts say that doesn’t signal an end to water shortages in the Southwest.

Read the full article here and decide for yourself.

J.D. Manning
Author: J.D. Manning founder and administrator. Arrowhead resident and Realtor, The Arrowhead Agent with eXp Realty