Dillon’s has been a staple here in Arrowhead for quite a while now, almost to the point where I forget about it.

I hadn’t been there for a couple years and my wife & son went a few weeks back and they didn’t have burnt ends. They’re my favorite, and my wife was really wanting them so we stopped in for an early dinner on a Saturday.

We were in luck, they did have burnt ends this day, but it wasn’t quite the same as I remembered.

Dillon’s is what it is, the decor is a bit tired and its very much a sports bar with live music a couple times a week, which is fine. The amazing BBQ was the reason I went and it was usually a great meal.

This time however, I was left disappointed. The burnt ends were just not the same. They were very tender and had good flavor, and perhaps I am being a bit picky. It seemed to be just brisket they had cut into bigger chunks and called it burnt ends. In my past experiences, burnt ends had a bit of char & a ‘crust’ to them.

I’m certainly not a BBQ expert, but this wasn’t the experience we were looking for. The steak fries were pretty tired and seemed to have sat around for a while.

The one shining star was their beans. They were, and always have been, amazing. We had an order of the onion rings which were also very good.

I’m hopeful this was a one off bad experience, I do want to continue to go there and have great BBQ again soon.

Dillon’s KC BBQ Arrowhead

20585 N 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308

J.D. Manning
Author: J.D. Manning

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