Pokitrition recently opened a new location on Glendale Road at Westgate. I’ve seen their sushi burrito posts on Instagram by many different food influencers and I was curious, but their other locations were far from Arrowhead.

So when they opened at Westgate, I decided it was time to have my first sushi burrito. I’m not the most adventurous sushi eater, but I am not a food baby either and I do my best to be open minded.

I do have to admit, in my mind, a sushi burrito was going to be sushi ingredients in a big tortilla, like you get at Chipotle. My ignorance led to some disappointment. Instead of a tortilla, the contents are wrapped in seaweed paper, which makes way more sense and should have been pretty obvious, but anyways.

This realization set me up for a bit of failure and the seaweed paper was just too much for me. The sushi part was excellent and if this is your thing, I’m sure its excellent. I will have more success with one of the Poke Bowls the next time I visit.

See their story & full menu at Pokitrition.com

Pokitrition – Sushi Burritos + Hawaiian BBQ + Poke

9405 W Glendale Ave Suite 105, Glendale, AZ 85305

(623) 688-3099

J.D. Manning
Author: J.D. Manning

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