A funny thing happened today in prepping for this review. My friend David Durst has been a big part of the Arrowhead Diners Club events and I asked him to help me with the restaurant reviews as well. I ordered lunch today and when I went to pick it up, there he was with the same idea. So, this is a doubly exciting review as you will get both of our perspective’s on Thai Chili 2 Go 🤣

J.D.’s review of Thai Chili 2 Go:

My wife Stephanie & I are big curry fans and we were excited to try Thai Chili.

We started with the Thai Dumplings and the Gai Tod (Crispy Chicken Bites). The dumplings were excellent and came with a dark bbq style sauce, and the Gai Tod was very good and came with a sweet & tangy sauce. These are an excellent alternative if you have picky eaters or kids but you still want to go try something fun.

Gai Tod (Crispy Chicken Bites)

Stephanie & I have different tolerance for spicy foods and sometimes it can be hard to find a curry that is still flavorful but doesn’t knock you out with spice. She had the yellow curry and it was excellent while being mild as well. It did have tomatoes in it, which I had not seen before but it was very good.

Yellow Curry

My standard order at Thai restaurants is a Panang curry, however I wanted to branch out and try something different this time. I had the Pad Siew, which is rice noodles, broccoli, egg in a special dark soy cooking sauce. I got it with a medium spicy level which was just right for me.

I placed my order online and it was ready in about 10 minutes and was sitting on a ‘to go order’ table when I arrived and I was able to walk in, grab it and walk right out. This is a major improvement over Pei Wei where the orders are usually behind or not even in their system at all, but that is a beef for another post 🤣

Entrees were in the $13-15 range after adding a protein and it was more food than we can eat, so it works out to about 1.5 meals.

We had an excellent lunch and I’m excited to go back and try more of their menu.

David’s review of Thai Chili 2 Go:

I stopped in to Pad Thai today to taste through some of the menu. Excited to experience a fast casual Thai restaurant, I wasn’t disappointed. The staff was friendly and took the time to talk me through their menu and answered any questions I had about the menu. I decided to order a starter and a couple of entrees to taste as much as I could. Here is what I enjoyed on my adventure.

The dumpling come in orders of 6 or 12, lightly crispy with the right amount of chew, I really enjoyed how the dipping sauces sweetness and how it complimented the filling, do your self a favor, get the order of 12. You’re welcome.

When order your entree you choose your dish and protein similarly to how you’re used to ordering at Chipotle, they have a lot to choose from and this is an easy restaurant for vegetarians and vegans to feel included. You’re also able to select your heat level, I’m a medium guy, I like to taste my food. I ordered the Beef Red Curry it has fantastic flavor and paired well with the beef. I would order this again, I might even start eating it once a week. Solid dish, and the portions are generous! I also ordered the Shrimp Pad Thai, If you have a peanut allergy this is a dish to be heads up on. Again generous portions, fresh ingredients, if I ordered it again I would ask for light sauce.

All in all, I had a great time today. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the restaurant, the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the food. I will definitely be back to explore more of their offerings and I might even dabble with a higher spice level.

Thai Chili 2 Go – Peoria

16955 N 75th ave #105, Peoria, AZ

You can find there menu and place orders here

DISCLAIMER: These are our own reviews & opinions. We paid for our meals and no compensation was given in return for these reviews. This is not a promotional post, simply two guys having lunch at a new restaurant. If this review is contrary to your experience at this restaurant, feel free to share your reviews on Google or Yelp.

J.D. Manning
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