Did you know about these hidden parks here in Arrowhead Ranch? I didn’t know about a couple of them until recently, and I’ve been driving around these neighborhoods for over a decade.

There are seven hidden gems most residents don’t know about. 

In Arrowhead Lakes, there are two small parks right on the water. The first is Manny Martinez Park which has a grassy area, a couple benches with a pergola right on the water with mountain views. The best part is hidden across the street where you will find a path down to a bench with views of the lake. 

The second is Waterfall Park. It is located on Arrowhead Lakes drive and has views of the waterfalls & mountains to the north. This is a great spot to see a variety of birds hanging out by the water. 

In Arrowhead Legends, there are three hidden parks. The first is a spot in the New Legends which has a few benches under some pine trees with views of the Legends at Arrowhead golf course. Just down the street is Megan’s Park which has a small playground set & some park benches.  The third hidden park is on the north side of the golf course and has a picnic table & bench with views of the water & 18th Hole. 

These parks are part of their respective neighborhoods, so if you do visit, please be respectful of local residents. 

The last hidden park is part of the Thunderbird Regional Park, on the east side of 59th Avenue. Its a bird watching area called the ‘Viewing Blinds’. There is a small parking lot and a path that leads to a viewing area with a bench where you can look out over the lake and see the different birds which live in the area. 

And the final hidden gem you didn’t know about, is in Arrowhead Lakes at the entrance to the gated community of Arrowhead Manor Estates. There is a trailhead here that provides access to the Thunderbird Park and is a great way for local residents to access the park trail system.

How many of these parks did you know about?

J.D. Manning
Author: J.D. Manning

EverythingArrowhead.com founder and administrator. Arrowhead resident and Realtor, The Arrowhead Agent with eXp Realty