Do you have old paint cans or stain you need to get rid of? Now is your chance.

The City of Glendale will begin scheduling appointments for picking up and disposing of household hazarous waste materials on September 20th though October 15th.

Appointments will be from October 11th through October 29.

Please have a list of your household hazardous waste items ready before calling Customer Service at 623-930-2660 to make an appointment. ‘

To find out more visit the City’s website at

Collection Tips:

​• All items should be in their original containers and must be clearly marked to identify their contents (latex paint etc.)

• Place items in boxes by category and mark box HHW.

• Place out by 6am by the front of garage door or car port on your scheduled HHW collection day.

• Limit 20 gallons on paints and liquids.

• No single container may be larger than 5-gallons.

These items are acceptable and will be collected in Glendale’s Household Hazardous Waste Collections:

• Aerosol Cans

• Antifreeze and automotive products, including car batteries, oil and filters

• Fire Extinguishers

• Gasoline – needs to be in a certified gas container that WILL NOT be returned

• Household cleaners

• Light bulbs can be placed in a labeled box. CFL’s ONLY no florescent tubes.

• Mercury

• Motor Oil – would like to have in original containers if not place in a sturdy container (laundry detergent bottles, milk jugs) with a SECURE lid

• Oil-based paint

• Paint – in secured container, if paint is dried up and rock solid it can be bagged and tied disposing in refuse container

• Pesticides / Insecticides

• Pool chemicals

• Propane Tanks- full or empty, large or small, we will take

These items are not acceptable and will not be collected in Glendale’s Household Hazardous Waste Collections:

• Ammunition or Explosives

• Appliances

• Electronics

• Medical waste of any kind

• Landscape waste

• Radioactive Materials

• Tires

J.D. Manning
Author: J.D. Manning founder and administrator. Arrowhead resident and Realtor, The Arrowhead Agent with eXp Realty